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Are you looking for a DUI lawyer in Kitsap County? Our lawyers KNOW DUI law. We help drivers get back on the road after a Driving Under the Influence or Physical Control arrest. With almost 50 years of combined experience, our DUI lawyers know what to do to get the best outcome for you.

Driving under the influence penalties in Washington are some of the toughest in the nation. Even a first time Driving Under the Influence or Physical Control conviction carries mandatory jail time. If a person is convicted of DUI, fines and court costs are required, as well as years of probation and court-supervised treatment, and an Ignition Interlock Device in your car for at least a year. You may also be restricted to your home for a period of time with a GPS tracking and alcohol monitoring device. Even being accused of DUI can cause a driver to lose their license for at least 90 days, and require expensive high risk insurance for years. If you have been convicted or deferred a DUI or similar charge in the past seven years, a second DUI charge carries at least a month in jail.

In Washington, the DOL takes action to suspend the driver’s license of virtually any driver who is arrested for DUI, regardless of what happens in court. Even if you are not immediately charged in court with DUI, you will still lose your license if you don’t act quickly. You will lose your right to challenge the suspension if you don’t act within SEVEN days of the incident. Suspensions / revocations by DOL can range from 90 days to 4 years for a DUI arrest, even if a jury finds you not guilty.

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We are skilled, experienced attorneys, familiar with dozens of challenges to every stage of DUI prosecution. Was the original traffic stop legally valid? Were constitutional safeguards regarding search and arrest observed by the police? Was the BAC test administered according to the procedures mandated by Washington law? Any failure by police to follow the letter of the law weakens the prosecution case, and provides the accused a legal defense and important negotiation leverage.

Who represents you in a DUI case is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your attorney should be someone you can trust, someone you can talk to—but someone who is willing and able to fight to protect you in court and in the DOL process to save your driver’s license. A poorly handled case will cost you cost thousands in fines and fees. A good lawyer can often save you more than their fees.

Judges are making important decisions about your case starting at your first court appearance. They can require you install an ignition interlock, be on electronic home monitoring, or have to post bail or go to jail. You should have the best DUI attorney with you from the first minute you appear in front of the judge. At Glisson & Morris, our attorneys are professional, aggressive, and committed to helping you. We will fight to protect your rights, and make sure you get the fair treatment that you deserve in the complex world of DUI defense. Our goal is getting you back on the road and moving on with your life as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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